April Board Meeting Achievement Spotlights and Events

At last night’s monthly board meeting, the following were recognized with Achievement Spotlights along with notable events:

• Emma Roberson Early Learning Academy performed the Pledges at the meeting, led by Emilie Hernandez, Bennett Adams, and Principal Kellie Lambert.

• State-Qualifying Unified Robotics teams from STEAM Academy at Mambrino: Finn Burton, Brantley Kelly, Alem Webb; and  Acton Middle School: Layla Kowalewski, Erin Huebinger, Bryan Valerio, Gavin Hutchison.

• Granbury High School and AMS students at the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair Paola Lumbreras, Laney Matthews, Shanice Gibson, Santiago Lumbreras.

• Pirate and Lady Pirate Powerlifting State Qualifiers: Juliana Garcia, Deysi Villegas, Estrella Diaz, Kathryn Goodner, Rylan Brenish, Davin Jones, Enrique Sanchez.

• Shottenkirk Senior of the Month: Ava Garner. Shottenkirk Automotive Group awarded Ava with a $500 scholarship. Ava plans to attend Texas A&M University.

• 2023-24 LEAP Academy Graduates: Leah Archer, Tiffany Biggs, Jennifer Bloodworth, Haley Briggs, Meredith Brummer, Andrew Dunn, Kelly Eppler, Tiphanie Ferrer, Karin Garcia, Lawna Greene, Liz Howard, Tanna Luckie, Jairo Martinez, Lauren McNeal, Mallory Myers, Tanya Patterson, Meredith Payne, Julie Sellers, Jason Shahan, Stephanie Slimak, Michelle Winters

• Lamar Awards, which is awarded to students and educators in recognition of outstanding personal achievement in academics, citizenship, community service, or sports: Jonathan Hutchison, Quinn King, Andrew Nickell.